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Pillow Escape


Ridiculously soft luxury pillowcases that are consciously made to keep your pillows in place. Made from the highest quality natural fibres, all of our pillowcases promote nourishment and a serene sleeping experience.

Benefits of using our pillowcases

Allow any type of pillow of yours to be perfectly positioned in place, inside our 22cm deep flap pillowcases. With high quality weaving in luxury collections like Ackly Bamboo, Bella Flannelette and Ella cotton we’re confident you’ll have a comfortable night's sleep.

Tuck tight, sleep right

We’ve diligently designed our pillowcases with an extra deep flap to keep your pillow in place and provide steady support to your neck and spine. With our pillowcases you never need to worry about them slipping outside.

Elegance in every thread

Every pillow case has meticulously woven fibres and skilled stitching conducted by talented artisans. Whether it's cotton, bamboo or flex linen all of our natural fibre pillowcases have piping around them to give them a luxurious look.

Certified quality

Our pillow case has undergone rigorous tests by a third party organisation  gaining a “OEKO-TEX Standard 100” certification. All of our pillowcases are safe and suitable for all ages including children. With no chemicals they’re also ideal for sensitive skin types. 


At Sheet Story, our Bamboo, flannelette, and cotton pillowcases in the UK come in two sizes: standard and king. The dimensions for the standard are 50cm (W) x 75cm (L), and for a king, they are 50 cm (W) and 90cm (L).

Our cotton pillowcases uk are a dream to sleep on. With a high thread count, they'll allow you to sink back on your sheets and fall asleep quickly.

While there's not a single "best" fabric for pillowcases, we highly recommend our Ella collection for its classic, silky texture or our plush Bella flannelette or our Ackly bamboo for butter-soft texture. All of these are soft to the touch, hygienic, and hypoallergenic, allowing you to have a healthy sleep. 

In the bedding world, you'll find a variety of pillowcase sizes. But at Sheet Story, we like to keep it simple with two options: standard and king. Our sizes are 50cm (W) x 75cm (L), and king size is 50 cm (W) and 90cm (L).  

The point of pillowcases are to make your bed look neat, protect you from dust, germs and debris. At Sheet Story we go beyond crafting beautiful pillowcases solely for sleep, they're also delicately made to narrate your story. 

At Sheet Story, all pillowcases are intentionally made to nourish not just your sleep but also your skin. Our cotton, bamboo, and flannelette fabrics are hypoallergenic. Every collection is soft, comfortable, and smooth to sleep on.

Selecting the right pillowcase for your bedroom is relatively simple if you choose one of ours at Sheet Story. All of our fabrics are sourced from premium grade quality and manufactured to high standards. To learn which is more suitable for sharing your story, browse our buying guides or contact us. 

The amount of small or large pillowcases you need is subjective to your bedding. On average we would recommend purchasing a spare pillowcase for every pillow you own, that way you can have a backup keeping your bedroom clean and fresh.

Pillowcases should always be used to protect pillows. They extend the lifespan of pillows and prevent the accumulation of dirt, sweat odors, dust, and dirt mites.