Sheet the Bed
No More Dread

Fitted Sheets

Add a snug, secure and stylish cover to your bed with our best-fitted sheets to choose from. Accommodating all mattress depths, our 41 cm deep walls and wide ribbed elastic hem ensure your story and look untouched. 

Benefits of using our fitted sheets

Our iconic fitted sheets will leave your bed looking immaculate. With 41cm deep walls and a wide ribbed elastic hem, any size mattress can snugly stay secure under them.

Deep Comfort

With us, you get more than just another fitted sheet. Our fitted sheets are strategically made so they stay snug around a very thick or a mattress of standard thickness. Security is also our top priority, so they're 41cm deep, allowing you to sleep comfortably without worrying about shrinkage.

Snug Corners, Perfect Fit

Secure your bed in place with our fitted bedsheet, which has wide ribbed elastic that fits snugly around every corner. Regardless of your mattress size, our fitted sheets hug it nicely, staying in place around all four corners. 

Effortless installation

Save the dread of double checking the right side for fitted bedsheets to face. One of the key differences with our fitted sheets is that they have a handy marker made by our craftsmen, subtly revealing which side is up.


A fitted sheet is a piece of bedding that prevents your bed sheet from slipping or shifting when you sleep. It also acts as a protective barrier, shielding your mattress from sweat, oils, dust, dirt and odours, extending its lifespan.

To choose the right double or single fitted sheet for you, you’ll want to know what is best for your bedding. To do that, check the size of your bed and mattress requirements first. If you’re unsure of the right fitted sheet to choose from, contact us, and we will help you.

To keep your fitted sheet on bed tight, you’ll want to purchase the right size and tuck the top of the corners of the sheet properly. The ultimate secret, though, is buying the right size. To learn more, check our buying guide.

There are a lot of benefits to having a fitted bed sheet. For instance, they’re easy to place over your bedding, keep in place and make your bedroom look neat. Fitted sheets also enhance the comfort of your room, reducing creases and stopping your bedding from bunching up..

Our fitted bed sheets made us famous. Unlike fitted sheets in the bedding industry, ours only use 100% natural fibres, enriching your sleep quality. They're not just fitted sheets but ones made from exquisite craftsmanship; extra wide sides and wide ribbed elastic make our fitted sheets more prestigious than others.

Yes, you can tumble-dry fitted sheets in a warm setting. However, to do it properly, we strongly advise you to check the care guide for more details.

Yes, of course, you can use an extra deep fitted sheet! The only difference is the extra part of the deep side on the fitted sheet will go under the mattress. You must do this so the wide ribbed elastic hemming hugs the mattress properly. Our fitted sheets are great for extra thick and normal thick mattresses, ensuring a restful night's sleep. 

Yes, you can wash them at 40°c in the washing machine.