100% brushed cotton

Cosiest & Plush

Bella Flannelette ( Brushed Cotton )

Brushed cotton, also known as flannel or flannelette. Compassionately crafted with double-brushed 100% cotton. Our Bella is the ideal collection to showcase your exemplary story. Explore our brushed cotton bed linen collection with flannelette flat sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, and rest in the elegance of Bella Flannelette.

Benefits of sleeping in Bella Flannelette

Bella is a luxury brushed cotton bedding that merges comfort, relaxation and health into its fabric, touch and look. Holding a stylish, snug, plush texture, Bella brings a sumptuous sleeping experience to your room.

Irresistibly soft

Snuggle up to the softness and fuzziness of flannelette with our snug-fitting Bella collection. Consciously weft to cultivate comfort and maximum cosiness, our flannelette is a favourite fabric of many. Not forgetting, the smooth nature of Bella allows you to drift to sleep with ease. 

Cosy Comfort

Flannelette, made from brushed cotton, offers a soft and cozy texture, making it a favorite for cooler weather. While it provides warmth during the winter, its breathable nature also makes it comfortable for less chilly nights. This fabric is known for its comforting embrace, perfect for a cozy evening indoors.


Brushed cotton, also known as flannel or flannelette, is a 100% cotton fabric that has been machine brushed to create a soft and cosy texture. It's the cosiest fabric we have here at Sheet Story with exceptional thermal properties making it a top choice for a winter night.

Brushed cotton bedding is a favorite choice for the winter season due to its exceptional warmth. It is great to keep you cosy during chilly nights, but may be too warm for hot summer months.