What are the major differences between bamboo and brushed cotton bedding?

Are you looking to furnish your bedroom but need help deciding whether to pick bamboo sheets or brushed cotton bedding? While both fabric types are elegant for any bedroom and can narrate your story nicely, there are subtle differences between bamboo and brushed cotton sheets you must know. 

To learn more about bamboo bedding and brushed cotton, keep reading. In this article, we'll cover all the essential information below. 

What is bamboo bedding?

As the name suggests, bamboo bedding is a form of bedding that originates from the bamboo plant. Bamboo fibres are processed into a viscose solution and then spun into other fibres, such as modal, rayon, or lyocell. 

This type of fabric is often seen as the most renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable option. The bamboo plant is also known for its rapid growth and minimal pesticide usage in its cultivation process. 

One of the best features of bamboo sheets is that they're hypoallergenic. As they're natural, they repel dust mites and allergens, making them good for anyone who has allergies or skin sensitivities. 

They also have moisture-wicking properties, allowing you to stay cool all year round. Bamboo also provides a gentle and smooth texture that softly drapes over your skin, making it comfortable to lie in. 

Moreover, bamboo is one of the best temperature-regulating fabrics if you're looking for something to keep you cool in the summer months! 

What is brushed cotton bedding?

Brushed cotton sheets are a type of bedding made from cotton. They're carefully made using a unique method that's slightly different from traditional cotton sheets. What's special about brushed cotton sheets is that the fibres undergo a brushing technique. This technique involves using metal brushes to carefully brush the fibres on one or both sides of the fabric. 

It's not a new method; it's been used throughout history to craft fine wool fabrics for hundreds of years. One of the unique parts of the process involves increasing the retention for heat and producing a softer fabric. 

Out of many different types of cotton sheets, brushed cotton is known for its softness and a great soothing companion for sensitive skin (it's hypoallergenic). It can also keep you well insulated in the winter and easy to sleep in the summer without feeling too stiff or rigid. 

What are the differences between bamboo and brushed cotton bedding?

There are subtle differences to note when choosing between bamboo and cotton sheets, especially brushed cotton. Here are some of the main ones: 


Bamboo and cotton sheets are highly comfortable and snug to lie under. Bamboo sheets tend to have a silky and smooth luxurious feel. Whereas brushed cotton provides a feeling of soft fuzziness on your skin similar to a snug jumper.


Both types of sheets are highly durable and can withstand many washes. They don't really differ in this sense. However, after a fair few washes, they can be prone to shrinkage. Often, brushed cotton might be more likely to shrink quickly due to the specialised brushed processes involved. 

Note: If you buy bamboo or cotton sheets from Sheet Story, don't worry—we have you covered. We consciously create our fitted sheets with a 2cm overlap, so if any shrinking occurs, they will easily fit the standard mattress size.


Brushed cotton typically provides a warmer temperature than bamboo sheets. It also tends to have fewer moisture-wicking properties than bamboo fabric. Bamboo sheets can keep you cool and allow more airflow to circulate when you sleep.  

Bamboo or Brushed cotton sheets - what's better?

There's no superior option when choosing between cotton sheets and bamboo bedding. Both types of bedding provide a unique sleeping experience and look elegant in the bedroom. 

Ackly Bamboo

Our Ackly Bamboo Collection is a conscious blend of 35% cotton and 65% bamboo, infusing the best of both fabrics. Ackly gives your bedroom a distinct, elegant, and soft feel, making it a luxurious piece. As a bamboo cotton blend, it has a longer lifespan and can handle temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius when washed. 

Bella Flannelette

Bella Flannelette is a collection that provides a warm and cosy sleeping experience year-round. Its 100% natural double-brushed cotton fibres are woven together using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, making it luxurious bedding like no other. 

Final thoughts

In summary, bamboo and cotton sheets, especially brushed cotton, are superior for your bedroom. When it comes to bamboo vs cotton there's nothing better, they both have a range of advantages. 

Why don't you take the time to look at our collections online? See for yourself which one best narrates your story. 

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