Invisible Closure
Visible Elegance

Duvet Covers

Dress your bed with our sleek duvet sets from the uk, that let you drift away into a luxurious slumber. Equipped with invisible buttons, leaving your sheets looking smooth and crisp, saving interference with your bedroom image.

Benefits of our duvet cover

Refine your bedroom story with luxury duvet covers from Sheet Story. With contemporary colours our duvet covers effortlessly blend in with any aesthetic, furniture, fixture or mood.

Concealed closure

Discover strategically concealed buttons along the bottom side of your cover, keeping your duvet looking pristine. These invisible closures ensure your bedding remains elegant without compromising on functionality.

Eco-elegant touch

Our eco-friendly coconut buttons, as opposed to traditional plastic, help preserve the environment. They also reduce environmental impact and enhance your duvet's durability.

Exquisite craftsmanship

Our suave duvet sets are diligently made by specialist artisans, whose rigorous workmanship has been inherited through generations. Every piece is filled with meticulous details, right down to the stitching.


A duvet cover is a protective layer that slips over your duvet and has a seal at the end. Duvet covers are a classic way to share your story while protecting your comforter.

The main difference is a comforter is a single bedding item. Whereas a duvet contains two separate pieces: an insert and a cover.

Duvet is actually a French word which translates to down. Originally in Europe duvets were made from down feathers of an eider duck. Today, duvets are made out of a variety of feathers, cotton and other natural and synthetic fibres. 

When it comes to choosing the best duvet covers the choice is subjective. At Sheet Story we recommend you look at our Ackly bamboo, Ella Cotton and Bella flannelette. All of our collections are consciously curated to ensure you have a blissful nights sleep.

To pick the right duvet cover, we recommend prioritising comfort and aesthetics. First, you'll want to select a material that aligns with your sleeping preferences. Second, good duvet covers should match your chosen theme or design of the room. .

A duvet can often have different materials put inside. Often, they have a down (which has a combination of feathers and down), a synthetic material or wool.

Modern duvet covers often provide more insulation and are thicker than a blanket. They also tend to be heavier and provide more warmth.

You do not necessarily need functional and aesthetic duvet covers. However, if you choose good covers, they can help prolong the lifespan of your duvet, stopping it from getting torn or dirty and contributing to a better image.