Classic & Silky

Ella Cotton

Sink, snuggle, and stay put in our conscious Ella cotton collection, crafted from 100% cotton fibres carefully woven from farm to finish. Explore our cotton bed collection with cotton fitted sheets, cotton duvet covers, cotton pillowcases, and cotton flat sheets and indulge in the luxury of pure cotton.

Benefits of sleeping in Ella cotton

Ella is a range that's waiting to be narrated your original story. Lightweight to the touch, our collection serves as a soothing sanctuary for sensitive skin and ensures luxurious comfort throughout every season.

A cocoon of comfort

Spoil yourself with the softness of our 400 thread count 100% cotton, and sink into your bed on an evening with ultimate comfort. With hypoallergenic properties, it's a bedding that's fit for every skin type, diminishing irritation and aiding gentle relaxation.

Temperature harmony

Our beautiful cotton bedding goes beyond its look with transformative thermoregulating elements. With temperature-balancing properties, cotton can be your best friend, keeping you warm in winter and cool and sweatless in the summer.

Eco-friendly fabric 

Be a conscious sleeper when selecting Ella, knowing you're making a significant effort towards the planet. This collection is filled with natural and biodegradable fibres, making it a friendly choice for your skin and the world around you. 


Luxury 100% long-staple cotton bed linen manufactured in a 400-thread-count sateen weave. The set includes pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets. Cotton, a natural fiber, is renowned for its breathability, durability, and softness.

Our pure cotton bedding is one of the most ethical and sustainable collections for your bedroom. Consciously sourced, woven in accordance with OEKO-TEX® standards 100, and with a low environmental footprint, you'll be sleeping in high-quality, eco-friendly bed linen. 

Yes! One of the major benefits of our cotton-soft bedding is that it's breathable. This natural fibre effectively absorbs moisture, allowing air to circulate and regulating your body temperature in the evening.

Our cotton bedding sets serve a multitude of benefits. They help regulate your body temperature on both summer and winter evenings. Alongside being hypoallergenic, sustainable and very comfortable!

Our cotton bedding sheets do a fantastic job of absorbing heat from your body on an evening. This means that their sweat-wicking properties in hot temperatures or summer weather help you stay cool, composed, and dry at night. 

Whether you're selecting our pure cotton duvet covers or bed sheets, this fabric is one of the healthiest and friendliest for your skin. It does not cause irritation or inflammation and is comfortable and breathable for every skin type.

Cotton is one of the best bedding options in the UK for keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer. This fabric is highly breathable, absorbing heat from your body and letting you stay cool and dry on a hot British summer night.