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Flat Sheet Please

Flat Sheets

Crisp, clean, luxury flat sheets carefully crafted to enhance the aesthetic of your bedding with minimal effort. With a 22cm double-layered top edge, our flat sheets fuse together convenience and comfort.

Benefits of Our Flat Sheets

Allow our fitted flat sheet sets to seal the ending off to your perfect story. Available in a neutral colour palette, our premium sheets are the perfect way to showcase your bedroom sophistication.

Effortless elegance

Let your bedding look lavish with our stunning flat sheets, which have a 22cm folded top edge. Serving as an extra layer of protection, our elegant flat sheets act as a barrier between you and your bed. Flat sheets are ideal for safety and as a stylish piece.

Premium placement

Our flat sheets are thoughtfully designed with a folded top edge, clearly indicating the correct direction for a hassle-free setup. This clever feature ensures you always place your sheet in the right orientation, saving time and simplifying your bedding routine.

Certified quality

Every flat sheet has undergone a series of tests by a reputable third party organisation. We’re proud to share all of our flat sheets have gained a “OEKO-TEX Standard 100” certification. They’re also free from chemicals and perfect for children.


A flat sheet is a piece of bedding that helps provide a protective layer between your duvet and you. It is also known as a top sheet, which is placed between your bed covers and blankets. It helps your duvet sheets stay clean and fresh for longer periods of time.

Its main purpose is to be a protective layer, absorbing doors, sweat, and oils. Our flat sheets provide a stunning presentation alongside an immaculate look. You can also sleep under them in the summer; they are light.

No, a flat sheet is a flat piece of fabric that has versatile purposes. It can be used to protect your quilt from getting dirty and can also be used as a cover in hotter temperatures. 

Yes, you can definitely sleep under a flat sheet! However, you don’t have to; it’s completely down to your personal preferences. The main purpose is to serve as a barrier between your skin and your duvet. 

At Sheet Story our flat sheets are consciously made to sustain the lifespan of your bedding. Working with top tier artisans and manufacturers, every fabric is carefully woven to ensure your bedding stays fresh. Our flat sheet sets are affordable and add a classic touch to your bedding.

A flat sheet can keep you warm or cool, depending on how you use it. If you want to stay warm in the winter, you can put a blanket on top of your flat sheet. Alternatively, if you want to stay cool, you can just use the flat sheet as a cover in the summer.

Of couran essential barrier for prse! Flat bed sheets add class and are the perfect sign off to your bedroom story. They’re eserving the cleanliness and longevity of your bedding. Our flat sheets at Sheet Story add a signature touch to your room with a range of neutral colors that blend in with any bedroom design. 

The primary difference is between their functionality and design. Fitted sheets tend to have elastic edges on their corners, snugly fitting around the mattress, and flat sheets have no corners which are either tucked or untucked on the bed. Fitted sheets help protect your mattress, whereas flat sheets protect your duvet and can be used to sleep under.