Sage Checkerboard

The Story Behind "Sage Checkerboard"

The "Sage Checkerboard'' design is born from our vision of marrying a classic pattern with a modern twist. Checkerboard motifs have long symbolised balance and harmony, and we infused this timeless design with the soothing and revitalising qualities of sage and white. Read more

Timeless Elegance and Serenity

The classic checkerboard pattern in soothing sage and crisp white brings a sense of balance and harmony to your bedroom, creating a serene retreat that’s both elegant and inviting.

Versatile Design for All Seasons

The Sage Checkerboard collection’s soothing colours and elegant pattern make it a perfect fit for any season, offering a fresh and calming aesthetic that enhances your sleep environment year-round.

Signature Packaging

Your cherished Sheet Story item will arrive in our exclusive signature box, making it the perfect choice for gifting. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our beautifully designed packaging.