The Ultimate Guide to UK Bedding Sizes

Don’t know the right bedding sizes for your home? Are you confused on how to find the best bedding size? 

When it comes to UK bedding sizes, the dimensions can differ depending on the supplier you purchase from, making it confusing. 

In fact, your definition of what's normal might be completely vast when looking in stores or on the internet. 

This could leave you pretty confused about where to stand if you're looking for a new duvet cover, pillowcase, mattress protector, or flat sheet or fitted sheet. If you're in this situation, don't worry; we have you covered.

Today, we will uncover the standard UK sizes on all things bedding. Get the answers you need with our bedding sizes guide below. 

Understanding UK Bed Sizes

First, before looking at different bedding sizes, you first need to know mattress sizes for your duvet and pillows (that's if you have existing ones already). When measuring your bedroom mattress, it likely fits into one of four standard sizes, which we will explain below.

Common Mattress Sizes

  • Single mattress size: 90cm x 190cm
  • Small double mattress size: 120cm x 190cm
  • Standard double mattress size: 135cm x 190cm
  • King-size mattress: 150cm x 200cm
  • Super king mattress: 180cm x 200cm
  • Queen mattress: 200cm x 200cm

While there are additional mattress sizes, most of the time, standard UK mattress sizes include Single, Double, King, and Super King. UK bed sizes may often change slightly depending on the size, shape, and style of the bed frame.

Choosing The Right Duvet

To determine the right size duvet for your bed, you'll need to measure your mattress first. Always measure first, looking at the label of your mattress. This will give you an idea!

Choosing The Right Duvet Cover

If you're looking for a perfect duvet cover, check your duvet's label first. Always make sure it's the same size as your duvet. To make the perfect choice, you should also consider the closure, material, design, style, and quality of the duvet cover.


While most duvet covers will have their size on the label - you can always check with our website online. Typically our duvet cover sizes are as follows:

  • Single size: W 140cm x L 200cm.
  • Double size: W 200cm x L 200cm.
  • King size: W 225cm x L 220cm. 
  • Super King: W 260cm x L 220cm.

Closure Type

Another factor you should consider is the closure type of your duvet cover. That could be ties, buttons or zips. At Sheet Story, we have iconic invisible buttons on our duvets that make it effortless to slipcovers over your duvet while staying hidden, leaving the aesthetic untouched. Browse our functional and stylish duvet covers here.


The fabric of your duvet is also equally as important as the size you select. When looking for fabric you will want to select ones with a high thread count and are natural such as cotton, bamboo and brushed cotton. Our luxurious collections Ackly BambooElla Cotton and Bella Flannelette provide a cocoon of comfort and are hypoallergenic.


You'll want to select a design that seamlessly aligns with your bedroom interior. At Sheet Story, we feel plain colours are the best to make a statement, they're clean and simple providing your bedroom with moments of mindfulness.

Try: Bring the outdoors in with the Ackly Bamboo Sage Green Duvet Cover. It provides a serene, calming, and natural feel, helping soothe you to sleep.

Fitted Sheets

There are a few rules to follow in order to secure the best-fitted sheets or flat sheets for your mattress. Before getting into fitted sheet dimensions, you'll want to know the right feeling first, ideally your fitted sheets should fit perfectly around the corners of your mattress.

Ideally, look for wide ribbed elastic that hugs the corners of your mattress edges, making sure they stay snug. Save money with our 41 cm deep fitted sheets, ensuring they always cling to the corners of your mattress without worrying about shrinkage.

Our fitted sheet dimensions:

  • Cot Bed: W 70cm x L 140cm x D 20cm
  • Single Size: W 92cm x L 192cm x D 41cm
  • Small Double: W 122cm x 192cm x D 41cm
  • Double Size: W 132cm x L 192cm x D 41cm
  • King Size: W 152cm x L 202cm x D 41cm
  • Super King Size: W 182cm x L 202cm x D 41cm

Try: Our Ackly Bamboo fitted sheet is a sleek addition to add over your mattress. Effortlessly secure this sheet over your mattress with easy to identify markings that help you know which side is up.

Flat Sheets

The purpose of flat sheets is to cover your mattress from all sides. Ideally, they should be longer than your mattress, so there's enough length left over to tuck them securely underneath it without any creases or wrinkles. If you wish, you can buy long ones slightly bigger than the size.

Our flat sheet dimension:

  • Single Size: W 180cm x L 275cm
  • Double Size: W 230cm x L 275cm
  • King Size: W 265cm x L 275cm
  • Super King Size: W 280cm x L 275cm

Try: Sheet Story's flat sheets all come with a 22cm folded top edge. Acting as a barrier between you and your bed, you never need to worry about exposure of your mattress or an untidy aesthetic, with a secret fold keeping your bed looking immaculate.


To find the right size for a UK pillowcase, always follow the bedding sizes guidelines of your existing pillows. Ensure the pillow cases are deep enough to fit the thickness of your pillow and slightly larger to ensure they're snug. The last thing you want is for them to bunch up and crinkle, making them uncomfortable to sleep on.

Our pillowcase dimensions:

  • Standard: W 50cm x L 75cm
  • King: W 50cm x L 90cm

Try: Ella Cotton White Pillowcases they're iconic, timeless, and minimal, these pillowcases keep your bedroom looking sophisticated, pairing with any type of interior and design. With a 22cm deep flap, your pillows can easily sit tight inside.