Sheet Story Partners With Key Worker Support Schemes

Delivering dreamy support for key workers

At Sheet Story, we care about making room for everyone in the nation to have a soothing sleep with our stylish and ridiculously soft sheets, pillowcases and mattress protectors. However we're also aware that not everyone may get the opportunity to experience a good night's rest and start a new day fresh. 
With the unprecedented cost of living crisis, the rapid rise of inflation, which was in double digits between September 2022 and March 2023, energy caps and other costs, there are new contributors keeping people awake at night. 
Those who are often affected by this are our nation's unsung heroes, frontline workers, and key workers. This is why we've partnered with some amazing companies that strive to support these hardworking individuals with honest discounts, contributing to stress-free sleep and overall quality of life.

Why do we support front line workers? 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, key workers were the driving force behind the nation's safety and protection. They put themselves at risk daily, spent less time with their families, and almost worked themselves to the brink of exhaustion just to keep us all afloat. Their contribution, service, and effort were invaluable, and they still are! 
It's been two years since the official end of the pandemic was declared, and these individuals are still suffering. While just trying to rebuild their lives, this crisis is causing financial hardships to hamper their quality of life and well-being and also having a domino effect on retention and recruitment. 
Now, these workers are facing overwhelming workloads due to staff shortages, pressure on their bank balances, and other factors, making it difficult for them to live and do the jobs they love.
In order to support them, we've decided to play our part by teaming up with some amazing brands to offer discounts to those who offer such vital services for the community. 

Our partners

We don't just endeavour to help those in the health service. At Sheet Story, we value other workers who are the backbone of our country. That's why we support carers, teachers, and charity workers, too.

Discounts for Carers 

Carers are the glue for many families in the U.K.; they hold them together, provide individuals with close care, companionship, and accessibility, and help enhance the quality of life for many. 
While carers save the economy billions of pounds, they're often neglected, or their role is overlooked on a greater scale. Around a quarter of carers are concerned about managing their monthly costs, cutting back on essentials like food and suffering financial hardships.
Whether you're a paid or unpaid carer, we care about your contribution, which is why we work closely with Discounts for Carers. If you're a carer, this amazing initiative rewards people like you for the work you do every day. They offer a huge range of discounts to save money and vouchers for travel, fashion, home ware, electricals, gym memberships, utilities, and more! You might even find us there, too… 
Discounts for Carers

Discounts for Teachers 

Our teachers are significant in shaping and influencing our children's lives. Our education sector includes classroom assistants, nursery workers, primary school teachers, professors, head teachers, and more. 
However, what is overseen by these hardworking individuals is that teachers often work long hours. On average, they work around 53 hours a week, and 25% of their work is uncompensated. 
That's not even counting their workload and long hours spent in their personal life undergoing non-teaching tasks, marking, planning and administrative work.
With a difficult work-life balance and a lot of work eating into their own time -they're getting less credit or paid what they deserve. That is why we've teamed up with Discounts for Teachers, which supports teachers and those working within the education sector with exclusive deals on holidays, car insurance, mobile phones, fashion, and more. 
Discounts for Teachers

Discounts for Charity Workers

Charity workers play a crucial role in our communities, providing them with a lot of social support and often helping address a lot of needs that providers can not. Whether voluntary or paid, charity workers are usually doing work others aren't prepared to do, being vital assets for our economy. 

They play a significant role in our society by helping with community health, social inequalities, poverty, and environmental issues. However, similar to other front line roles, the charity sector often faces staff shortages and high turnover, making it hard to fill specific skill gaps. As a result, many staff members are taking on additional responsibilities, over stressed, and working long hours. Many are not getting the compensation they deserve.
If you work in the welfare sector, we have your back. We've teamed up with Charity Worker Discounts, an initiative that provides a wide range of rewards to charity workers, including deals and discounts on holidays, fashion, memberships, subscriptions, and more. 
Discounts for Charity Workers

Discounts for health service workers 

Individuals working within our beloved NHS are vital in keeping our country healthy and steady. Whether healthcare professionals, support workers, those in dentistry, ambulatory care, health informatics, HR, administration, management, or more, most are undervalued and underpaid.

With a lot of pay cuts, increased workload, lack of funding, staff shortages and a backlog of care, front-line and back-end health service workers are equally as exhausted as COVID times. Many health service workers are working just to make ends meet - being deprived of indulgence or enjoying the littlest of treats. 

At Sheet Story, we strive to remove some of the emotional toll as much as possible by partnering with Health Service Discounts. Whenever possible, we want to raise the quality of life for those within the NHS and healthcare, providing discounts on our collections alongside their money-saving deals and vouchers on travel, fashion, subscriptions, and more. 

Health Service Discounts
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