What is the difference between cotton and brushed cotton?

Cotton is a natural fibre used worldwide in almost every home furnishing business. Cotton fabric is so popular that not only is it a core component in the textile industry, but in 2022-2023, the global production amounted to 118.3 million bales.

A hefty amount of that figure was just for the bedding industry. Cotton bedding is nothing new, there are so many wonderfully soft types.

But to save you time looking through so many variants of cotton, today at Sheet Story, we want to focus on cotton (alone) and brushed cotton bedding, particularly the differences between brushed cotton and cotton bedding.

Keep on reading to learn about the unique properties each type holds.

What is regular cotton?

Regular cotton bedding is made from the natural fibres of the cotton plant. Normally, cotton fibres are passed through a flame, eliminating raised fibres and creating a smooth surface. This type of bedding comes in various weaves, providing various feels and textures. Generally, cotton bedding tends to be lightweight and breathable.

What is brushed cotton?

Brushed cotton sheets are a type of bedding made from the cotton plant using a slightly different process than regular cotton. The fibres from brushed cotton undergo a unique brushing technique using specialised metal brushes, which involves brushing fibres on one or both sides of the surfaces.

This technique is commonly used in making fine wool fabrics and has been used for centuries. When the brushing process happens to the fibres, a nap is created and traps warmth, making the fabric softer. Brushed cotton typically has a premium texture and is known for its softness and suitability for sensitive skin.

What are the differences between brushed cotton and cotton bedding?

There are a few differences to note when it comes to brushed cotton fabric and standard cotton sheets. Some of the main ones are:


There's a slight difference in the textures of the cotton fabrics. Normal cotton often has a smoother feel, which is more crisp and gradually softens over time. Whereas brushed cotton bedding has a softer, fluffier texture, creating a snug and cosy feel.


Both types of cotton sheets are durable and can withstand frequent washing. However, brushed cotton bedding may have a slightly shorter lifespan, being prone to shrinkage due to the specialised brushing processes involved.


Brushed cotton sheets often look more fluffy and fuzzy as the cotton fibres are raised from brushing. Whereas standard cotton is smooth and has a more consistent appearance.


Brushed cotton sheets tend to be slightly thicker and warmer. For this reason, brushed cotton sheets are suitable for colder temperatures and those who prefer to stay warm in the evening. Whereas regular cotton is suitable for all seasons providing breathability and comfort year round.

Brushed cotton bedding or cotton - what's better?

At Sheet Story, we can't really say what's better if we compare the differences between brushed cotton bedding and standard cotton. Both types of cotton can stylishly narrate your story, be a dream to sleep on and add sophistication to your bedroom all year round.

Ella Cotton

Our Ella Cotton collection is a frequent favourite by many customers. With a 400 thread count, organic cotton fibres, and a soft sateen weave made by remarkable craftsmen, it's a classic collection for every bedroom. With hypoallergenic properties and eco-friendly fibres, Ella has an irresistible elegance.

Bella Flannelette

Bella Flannelette contributes to a cosy and warm sleeping experience in every season. Double brushed 100% cotton natural fibres, woven together using advanced manufacturing technology,Bella Flannelette is a luxurious bedding. With a conscious effort towards the lifespan of Bella Flannelette, this brushed cotton bedding is unlike others on the market; it's long-lasting.

Final thoughts

To summarise, brushed cotton and standard cotton bedding are equally great; we don't feel one is superior to the other. What may be different, however, is your preference for the fabrics and their qualities.

For instance, if you're looking for warmer cotton, brushed cotton might be for you, especially our Bella Flannelette. Conversely, if you want cotton suitable for every season, our Ella Cotton collection could be something to consider.

If you're unsure what type of fabric to use, contact us.

Our Sheet Story specialists are eager to help!