Harmony Stripe

The Story Behind "Harmony Stripe"

At Sheet Story, we believe every design has a unique story woven into its fabric. Our latest addition to the Ackly Bamboo Bedding collection, "Harmony Stripe," is no exception. This design is born from a blend of our customers' favourite colours: sage, midnight, camel, and warm white. Each stripe in this pattern is a tribute to the stories, dreams, and preferences shared by our valued community. Read more

Bold Stripes, Timeless Elegance

Discover the Harmony Stripes collection, featuring bold stripes that embody timeless elegance. Each stripe tells a story of connection and shared experiences, woven into our luxurious bamboo-cotton blend for unmatched comfort and style.

Vibrant Colours, Perfect Harmony

Our Harmony Stripe collection, features vibrant colours that perfectly harmonise. Each stripe represents a blend of our customers' favorite shades, crafted for exceptional softness and elegance.

Signature Packaging

Your cherished Sheet Story item will arrive in our exclusive signature box, making it the perfect choice for gifting. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our beautifully designed packaging.